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There is two ways you can get substance shaders:

Build from source

Compilation of substance shaders on both Windows and Linux is performed using Mxx_ru cross-platform build tool, which uses Ruby scripting language. So you will need them both.

After you have installed Mxx_ru, do not forget to set MXX_RU_CPP_TOOLSET environment variable. See Mxx_ru user manual for details.

Before build, ensure you have MAYA_LOCATION environment value set to Maya root path.

Now, to build substance shaders in release mode, run the following instruction set from substance project folder:
ruby build.rb
That’s all! Results of the build would appear in lib folder of substance project. To cleanup build results, use the following command:
ruby build.rb --mxx-clean

Follow Mxx_ru user manual to find more information about build modes available.